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2019 Mission Trip


Egypt’s history stretches over 7000 years. The tour will take you on an adventure to explore the riches of the ancient land of Egypt, while modern day Egypt is a different experience. There are multiple levels of existences in modern day Egypt. There are those that cannot afford the basic necessities like clean water and food. These are the people that we will be helping care for during the mission portion of our trip.

We are asking you to not only open your mind to the wonder and exploration of Egypt but that you would join us by opening your heart and using your healing hands to help as many of these people as possible

The mission will be organised through charitable organisations set up in Egypt. We will be venturing into some of the less fortunate areas in downtown Cairo setting up in the morning and adjusting as many people as we can.?

We anticipate to see a wide variety of ages and a true unique variety of cases that are uncommon in our western world. A truly humbling and educational experience.

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