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2022 Seminar

Cultivating Educated Intelligence
Chiros to Cairo
September 2022
Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Travis M. Corcoran

12 hours

Course Rationale

Historically, two overlapping concerns have driven research; the desire to formulate canons or principles of good reasoning, and the desire to formalize and systematize existing and emerging work in mathematics and science. Common to these concerns is the view that what distinguishes good reasoning from bad reasoning, what makes deductive reasoning “logical” as opposed to “illogical”, is truth preservation. The hallmark of good deductive reasoning is that if we start from truths and use good reasoning, we will always arrive at truth and never at falsehoods. Because we are all interested, as clinicians and researchers, in our careers, in gaining truths and avoiding falsehoods, we all have justification to be interested in good reasoning in the above sense.

Course Description

I. Introduction – 1 hour

  • Overview and defining of the 7 classical liberal arts as a reference for the remainder of the course and how it relates to the chiropractic profession

II. Grammar – 1/2 hour

  • Importance of defining terms (i.e. subluxation, chiropractic, innate intelligence, etc.) and formatting statements for effective use in arguments and decision making

III. Logic – 2 hours

  • Defining and introducing the levels of complexity in the discipline of Logic
    • Overview of the five main operators in sentential logic
  • Major distinctions between Inductive reasoning and Deductive reasoning
    • Evaluating deductive arguments for validity and inductive arguments for strength

IV. Rhetoric – 1 hour

  • Understanding the role of transferring knowledge to others (i.e. clients, chiropractic students,etc.)
  • Exploration of several forms of fallacies and working through examples in Chiropractic
  • Communication effectiveness in a client’s report of findings.
    • Rapport
    • Agreement
    • Threshold of reactance

V. Principles – 2 hours

  • A. Defining and understanding principles
  • B. Difference between evidence and proof
    • 1. Clinical reasoning and objectives

VI. Application – 2.5 hours

  • The first three liberal arts and the science of Chiropractic
    • Reading research
    • Reading position statements

VII. Questions – 1 hour

VIII. Review – 1 hour


2022 Seminar

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